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Real Estate and Construction Management provide the central management of the real estate and construction processes of the bank from one platform. All the datas concerning real estates are directed including the rental contract and taxes. Fidelity Enterprise presents an integrated environment for all the parties working on the constraction and provide an effective work for for managing the construction projects. The real estate and construction management increases the operational fertility considerably beside reporting the construction proceeding and presenting the analysis traits of them. By doing an economical and secure planing at very beginning , we have been supporting you to keep your project under control without any problem with our finance support projects. If you certainly want to know the cost of the construction finance at very beginning -you fix your interests on the last at the beginning. Or you use the wavings of interest on the market  for your benefit. You obtain the more flexibility without taking a risk. Because


- Construction credit

-Connection Finance

- Change of Finance

- Renewal credit

- Housing Saving

- Consumer credit


We adapt your construction finance to your corporate targets and your  possibilities.  Even if you have a construction finance and want to make the change of finance on more suitable conditions, or if you need an connection finance, we feel appriciation to give an economical offer suitible for you.


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