The firms which produce and import their products need to take the notification registration document by applying to the health department before releasing their products into domestic market.
The products the notification of which has not been made and which are not suitable for the relevant rescripts are prohibited to release into the market.

Control Document
The application document and the requested documents according to the product group submits the change. In the case that you notify the product information which you want to import to our firm, our firm shall inform you that the relevant product is subject to the control document by doing the  required preliminary survey  and research.

Cosmetic Product Import
The cosmetic products which are imported and manufactured need to be notified to the Health Ministery before releasing into the domestic market.

Drug and Psychotrope Material Private Permit
It is ''an import permit Writing'' given by the Health Ministery for the import audit of the products (Toluen, Acetone, Sulphric Acid, Hidrocloric Acid etc.) which are able to be used for the drug manufacture.

Biocidal Product Proceedings
Drug Registration Proceedings (ctd)
Our company has been offering a professional consultancy service within the time elapsing from the preparation stage of the license folders to the stage of licence kesim.

Traditional Vegetal Medical Product Registration Proceedings
A separate folder for the pharmaceutic dosage form with the informations and documents defined in Traditional, Vegetal Medical Products Regulation prepared by the natural and legal entity within the borders of Turkey provided that it is produced in the production site in conditions of a good manufacture practice (GMP), and the licence application are the major subjects which we give importance on health and Medical ,
The Baby Formula with the medical aim and Enteral/parenteral Nutrition Products Import Permits
Gmp Document Proceedings
The Licence Transfer and Renewal Proceedings
The services which we give over Medical device




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