- Ceo Finance has made an important contribution from  the long term credits and  the private sector  companies  which  it  mediates various sectors to their  expansions for years.

 -The credits which Ceo Finance focuses the private sector  has intensified on medium and long terms.
 -Ceo Finance both has been doing the comprehensive analysis of the firms and has been preparing its feasibility  by reviewing the  investment project in detail with the accumulation of the     knowledge   that it has obtained through finances that it has provided to various sectors for years. The credits have been given on the basis of the project;  have been evaluated in terms     of ecomomic, technical, financial and  administrative, a project assesment team consisting of the engineers, the economist and the financial analysts.

 - Ceo Finance has proved its expertise on the project assessment. It has been providing the support to the projects from the international and private funds. It has been providing the private   sources aimed at  the sectors which need the investment most and mediating the firms to use on basis of the project and being as investor on the joint projects.




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