Energy and Natural Resources


Due to the increasing energy gap in the world and the finance sources becoming narrow, the local companies focusing on the energy investment and buying the renewable energy licence have needed the support for them to carry out  their projects. The assessments made with regard to the markets recently have been cancelled or postponed since the supplier contract of many projects the license of which has been taken or on the stage of the license application/approval has not been done  or  due to the difficulties for obtaining the finance.


The owner of production license of  renewable energy holding companies, construction groups, the performers in the energy sector aiming  to catchthe success in the energy sector are in the search of the investor or finance with the aim of constituing a strategy which carry out their projects, carries their success to the future periods and provides the healty expansion of the company.


CEO GROUP has been providing an important contribution to their customers with its team which has brought the expertises in the energy sector together.


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