The companies in the real sector, the products and companies being introduced in a way to bring the most economical and the most  benefit  in order to constitute and to improve a market, a communication to be made with the consumers have become a very important service field. From now on,  the introvert and regional management  mentality is an application that  was left in the contemporary economies long time ago.  The advertisement has been become the most required agent of the system by it. Even to discuss over the importance of the publicty is meaningless for enlarging the market share, taking the efficiency of the new investment in a short time


We have been giving the obligatory services of/like the products which are substitute to its own products in the markets of the company, the marketing models belonging them, the news and comments arising  over operating them, and the publication related to the sector, to be in contact with the sector under the information services.


The secret of the success is absolutely present at the successful companies. To save these secret from the outside also is at least , as important subject as taking current information from the outside.This service of ours which is called Disinformation includes the services to be given in the subjects which the judicial and physical precautions are taken, related to the saving trade secrets of the companies.




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