Planning \ System Control Projects

Planning/ System Checking Projects

The duty of the high level management of an establishment is determining the direction of the establishment and the strategies which will fulfill the purposes of an establishment. When the planning in marketing  is considered widely, analyses and estimates are made for increasing the efficiency of the marketing activities. Project and solutions are produced with high level managers regarding these processes.


Our titles in our Marketing Planning Projects are as stated below:


 - Project Planning                                                  - Product Programme 

 - Strategical Planning                                            - Price Programme

 - Tactical Planning                                                 - Distribution Programme

 - Holding Programme                                           - Coordination and Combination of Programmes    


Information System Control Projects and their Applications

The Information Systems are vital for the economical lives of establishments. Information System Control projects contributes to profitability and efficiency of the establishments and at the same time, it allows cheaper, products and services of higher quality to the customers.


In the financial evaluation of the value of Information Systems, we are separating if the investment made to the information systems are amortized as tangible and intangible.


    Tangible Benefits                                                      Intangible Benefits


- Increment of efficiency                                          - Development of Source Control

- Reducement of Process Costs                          - Increment of Organization Flexibility

- Reducement of Workforce                                   - Reaching to the Information Timely

- Reducement of Facility Expenses                      - Increment of Work Satisfaction

- Reducement of Computer Expenses                - Increment of Customer Satisfaction

- Reducment of Secretary Expenses                   - Increment of Motivation of the Employees

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