Marketing Sales Projects

Marketing Sales Projects

Customer Relations Management which is getting more popular day by day, started to be listed on top of the project lists of many companies. The increasing competition and shrinkage in the market makes many companies to take CRM projects into consideration against the increasing costs for obtaining new customers. When you add the increased awareness levels of the customers because the customers can reach more products and services thanks to Internet and mobile services, CRM is no longer a luxury; it is an obligation for companies to maintain their competition advantages.


Whatever the purpose, from responding the customer complaints in a better way, to create competition advantage and increase the profitability, if the companies are not ready organizationally or if they do not have net success criteria, CRM projects may not reach to their aims.


The Department which realizes the CRM projects is the determinative factor for the creation and sharing of mutual data.

In most of CRM projects, creating one and mutual customer database is aimed. Creating a central database where the interactions of customer information are realized over different channels by the company is not always possible. The department which realizes CRM projects is a determinant factor for the creation and sharing of mutual data. On the other hand, the functional deficits of CRM technologies and their infrastructures being used may prevent the creation of mutual data. A good example to this is, many customers using various e-commerce websites may resolve their problems over two or more channels.


Many top level managers checks the ROI in order to be sure that the monies spent went to the right places; therefore many CRM projects transforms into increasing the efficiency work processes which require interaction with the customer instead of increasing the customer satisfaction.


It is not possible to create an integrated customer experience when different departments have different priorities organizationally. In CRM projects, point solutions are being developed and remedies may only be provided in specific issues. While faster responding to the customer complaints or online appointment request is possible, it is not possible to monitor the product catalogue or inventory information online.


Key to the success in CRM projects is to provide a constant and informative communication to your customers where all channels are integrated and where the company supports with its all departments.


By taking off of these facts, we may say that CRM Projects have their function efficiency contradict with customer experience in extend of their aims. Solution components such as Call Centers will not lose their priorities for the increment of the efficiency; but carrying the satisfaction level of the customer to the highest level requires informative and constant communication supported by all departments of the company, with all channels integrated in it.

Management of Marketing Activities: Planning of marketing activities and assigning duties to employees must be provided. In addition, the expenses arise in marketing activities must be observed and costs and income to the company of getting a new customer must be observed. The customers applying on Internet, phone and other channels must be recorded onto a database and directed to the related sales team.

anagement Sales Activities: Basic sales activities to be conducted by the sales teams must be planned, audited and the sales procedure for different customer groups must be described.

Following Up and Lowering Sales Expenses: The working time of the sales personnel will be used more efficiently by the automation or easing of works realized constant such as follow up of customer information and assignation of duties. In such way, both the sales cycle will shorten and the sales expenses will reduce.

Collecting and Analyzing the Customer Information: The purchasing habits of customers and their opinions regarding the products must be collected and analyzed.

Estimating Sales: It must provide opportunities to make estimations in subject of sales tendencies in connection with the other factors which may have effects and previous information.

Easing the Management of Customer Relations: All employees must be able to reach mutual customer information which are contacting with the customer by keeping the customer information in a single database.

Integration with Other Applications: It must be integrated with other work applications used in tracking of financing, accounting or service records.

It should be Independent from Hardware and Operating System and Flexible: It must be able to work web based; its capacity must be able to be increased according to increasing user number. The changes in screens and reports must be done easily according to changing work needs.

It should be Reachable from all Places in all Times: The sales teams working in field must be able to use it over different terminals such as cell phone, notebook and PDA using mobile technologies such as GRPS and SMS.

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