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Specific amounts of support are given to Turkey against projects by European Union in order to procure the compliance with the union in economic, social, political and legal aspects of Turkey in the accession process to European Union.


Turkey has taken 144 million Euros of support in extend of these support programmes and increment of these financial supports was decided on Copenhagen Summit in the year of 2002. In the programmes to come, the budget of programme of the year of 2004 is 250 million Euros. Approximately 800 million Euros of sources was allocated for Turkey under the scope of financial supports before the accession. EU financial supports before the accession known as “Grants” in public are used under the framework projects programmed each year by Turkey and EU commission. They include the works regarding the developments wanted for improvement during the compliance period of Turkey to European Union. These consist of combination or single response in small or big scaled grant programmes for example for legal developments, developments of establishments’ capacity, physical and human resources.


Micro projects realize micro applications for speeding up the development in various fields in Turkey other than framework programmes. These applications are called micro projects.


According to the programme scope, the local authorities (Municipalities and Mukhtarships), nongovernmental organizations, universities, chambers, stock markets, unions and SMEs may benefit from financial supports before the accession to Turkey by EU Commission by micro projects. It is requested that a specific rate of the project budget must be fulfilled by the applicant of project in all EU grants. In such subject, organizations do not aim to make profit use 10% and SMEs use 50% financing model.


Fields for financial supports: The financial supports are collected in three titles before the accession used in the compliance period of Turkey to European Union. One of three of these supports is given for “Supporting the Law Compliance”; one of three of these supports is given for “Technical Support for Corporate Structuring” and last one of three of these supports is given for “Economic and Social Compliance”.


At this point, since the Turkey has undergone an intense legal reform period after Helsinki Summit of 1999, it has more sources allocated in technical support for corporate structuring and law compliance. But, the supports regarding economic and social compliance are expected to increase after this.


It is seen that the biggest financial grants are given to “Regional Development” programmes with 22% as we check the fields of financial support in framework programmes. But, it is foreseen that the law compliance investments and technical supports for corporate structuring will decrease as the negotiation process starts and these sources will be used under the framework of economic and social compliance programmes.


1/3 of these supports is given for supporting the law compliance; 1/3 of these supports is given for technical support for corporate structuring and 1/3 of these supports is given for economic and social compliance. SMEs, local authorizations (Municipalities, Provincial Private Authorizations, Service Unions) and Social Progression Organizations are the applicants of economic and social compliance component.



The programmes priory applied in Turkey to obtain economic and social compliance to European Union are the “Regional Development Programmes”. The general aims of these programmes are to remove of development differences inter-regions, to vitalize the economic and social life in regions of application of programmes, to increase the job opportunities of individuals, to apply the small scaled infrastructure projects and to develop the living standards.


Some Examples from Projects Supported by EU

These projects created in all industries for speeding up the works of compliance EU especially focus on

- Political Criteria

- Justice and Domestic Affairs

- Agriculture

- Environment

- Transportation, Energy

- Regional Development

- Social Politics and Employment

- Customs Union and Free Circulation of Goods

- Support to Nongovernmental Organizations

- CEO GROUP has taken a place in the preparation and submitting of these projects as project partner or observant. CEO GROUP provides support and consultation services in these projects.

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