Tax Consulting



Consulting and general informing about Turkish Main Tax Acts (Income Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law, Tax Procedural Law, Value-added Tax Law etc.)


Consulting and technical informing in the cases requiring iterative solution and to be pertaining to the activities of each company except for announcing of the changes in the financial regulation by our tax circulars


Analysing and reviewing of the signed agreements (license agreements, royalty agreements, technical service agreements, sharing expenses agreements, franchise agreements, share transfer agreements etc.) from the point of tax liabilities


Replying the official notices like informing notice, notification etc. sent by the Tax Administration. and technical support and consulting to define the ways to be followed.


Analysing and reviewing of the tax dimension of companies debt policies


Consulting for reviewing the relations among Banks Law , Capital Markets Law, Tax Regulation and  for providing the accordance among regulations in relevant cases.


Consulting and technical support for demanding a written explanation (advance ruling/ruling) from the Tax Administration in the reluctant cases.


Taxational Analysing and consulting the financing models like "Financial Leasing" the taxation of non-financial rights costs of the various services provided by foreign organisations to  domestic companies, "Do-Work-Assign", "Do-Work" and "Transfer of Operational Rights".

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