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Periodic Personnel Services

- EPS (Electronic Personnel System) provides Payrolling and Holding services which are the support of personnel departments by the requests of customers in parallel to the economy of developing world and country along with other services provided to the firms. Our Personnel Service Consultation manages the processes SGI (SSK), İşkur (Turkish Employment Agency) and the Ministry of Labor and prepares the payrolls of company personnel.


Payroll Outsourcing

- The outsourcing of payroll process requires expertise especially with frequent changes in the law in recent years and requires the wage confidentality. The outsourcing project of CEO Informatics includes diverse processes not only the personnel accountancy but also the personal processes of the personnel. You may solve your problems such as time loss in payroll processes, follow up of bureaucratic processes and procedures and management of SSI, İşkur and the Ministry of Labor with outsourcing Personnel Service Consultation.



- We may fulfill your holding needs without requiring an increment in personnel number, unnecessary increment of your circulation rate, time loss with personal right processes of personnel in your project based works with Personnel Service Consultation.


- It reduces the choose-placement costs.


- It reduces the accountancy document amount in departments working especially with expense reports.


- It prevents the mistakes to be made in working law in relations with the personnel.


- It removes the following up obligations in personal rights of personnel.


Periodic / Part Time Personnel

- The suitable employee might be reached in times of personnel deficiency or in determined employment terms thanks to CEO Human Resources Personnel Service Consultation.


Mass Employing and Payrolling

- Your business partner in employee employments made in groups and made for periods will be again CEO Human Resources Personnel Service Consultation.


Auditing the Payrolls and Personnel Processes

- All payroll and personnel processes of the customers are audited in accordance with current laws and directives. The auditing report of this is submitted to the management of customer.


Checks if the employments are made in timely manner;

Checks if there are deficit documents of personal rights of personnel;

Checks the documents given to İşkur;

Checks the workplace danger levels;

Checks the compliance of payrolls to SSI and tax law.


Follow up of Documentation of Working Capital, Honorarium and Payments of Legal Establishments

- Suppliance of the accountancy documents for the project, realization of payments of doctors who may invoice on behalf of the establishment it is working or with note of expenses, self-employment invoice, full time related with working capital are provided by CEO Human Resources Personnel Service Consultation.


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