- Tax examinations,

- Negociations conducting with the examination stuff,

- Preparation and examination of information, documents and listings, 

- Reviewing of reports

- Analysing of examination reports,

- Evaluatings may supporting conciliation or litigation decisions,

- Conciliation before or after assesstment,

-Consultancy in the subject of regulation.

- Technical support and consulting for issuing tax complaint,

- Consulting and support in the cases in which "declaration with prejudice" may be applied

- Consulting services in the subject of rewieving taxes

- Consulting services and analysing of tax examination reports

- Legal evaluating of decisions of conciliation or litigation in disputes with the Tax Administration

- Consulting about conciliation

- Preparation in accordance with the regulation of petitions presented to the Tax Administration in miscellaneous terms (demand of rebate/appropriation, benefit from the provisions remorse)

- Technical support and consulting relevant to applying default interest, late fee and tax penalties

- Evaluating and analysing of the writ of incuring expenses given by the Tax Administration




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