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The importance of the contribution both to the country economy and the firms carrying out the foreign trade which the export and import movements described as the foreign trade activities is knows by everyone. But the healthy conduction of the operational proceedings within the scope of the foreign trade activities is as important in the sense of the risk to face as the foreign trade. That is why it is required to have a sufficient information concerning both national and international regulation rules during the proceedings of the foreign trade existing.


As a result of the radical changes made on the decision number 32 covering an important section of the national regulation,It shall not be wrong to state that there is only left the Incentive and Customs Regulation as the subject to present the importance within our national regulation since the follow-up of the cambio responsibilities within the scope of the export, import and transit trade is terminated.


When thought that the clearance also is conducted by  the custom brokers expert on this subject, the interantional regulation rules come into prominance for the firms doing the foreign trade activities and the banks intermediating the foreign trade proceedings. It is highly important to comment the International Rules correctly and to transfer it to the application in terms of removing the controversies and risk which is able to occur in the future.


These rules are publicated by International Chamber of Commerce.


CEO GROUP gives you the support with the experted consultancy and the support of organization and/or  the financial organizations according to the Specific subject.

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