Trade Mark Patent


Your application for the trademark registration is done by us in the case that the required documents are complete  in case that the trademarks defined carry the quality of applicable as a result of preliminary survey done in Turkish Patent Institution and that it is requested by the firm


If the trademark is permitted to be on the advertisement in an survey of 8 months done by Turkish Patent Institution after the application, the trademark is advertised on the official mark bulletin with the aim that 3rd parties can use the right of objection for the 3 months . If the trademark on the advertisement does not  be objected at the end of the airtime for 3 months, the registration of the trademark is decided. In the case that any objection comes on the trademark decided to be advertised and all the stages are favorable  after the application, the trademark registration proceeding goes on for 10-12 months


Registration to Trade Registry during the Company Incorporation is not Mark Registration. The trademark registration can be provided  after the application to The Turkish Patent Institution



The inventions which are new,  exceed the case known of the technique and are able to applied on the industry and the document given by the competent authority (Turkish Patent Institution) are called the patent. The owner of the invention owns to  preclude the inventions to be used by others.

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