The Quality Management System Documentation

To give importance to the quality enables the companies to achieve a stronger and healthier structure in today's competition conditions . For this reason, the companies need to set their systems and run them according to certain standarts.


It provides the planed working conditions in systematic inside the company.

It constitues the required working conditions for the improving and continuity of the quality aimed.

It provides the traceability and accessibility to the retroactive works of the activities.

It provides the opportunity to obtain a perfect product with carrying out the conditions such as quality plans, process control, examination experiment, calibration etc.

It provides the saving from the cost and time, the decreased returns and lower customer complains and that the sources are used more optimized.

It increase the profitableness and fertileness.

It provides and an effective management.




OHSAS 18001 is the standart of worker health and job security.

During the running work in the working places, the systematic and scientific studies done with the aim of  being protected from the accidents and other factors which are able to harm the health resulted from various reasons and providing a better working environment are called WORKER HEATH AND JOB SECURITY.


All over the world, especially in the countries on the level of industrialization and technological improvement like our country, a set of problems concerning the worker health and Job Security arise and these problems affects the work fruitfulness  beside the workers heath.


The working environments are full of various environment factors constituing the personal health and the security risks by being resulted from the proceedings done and the materials used and produced. 


With the steps following, OHSAS 18001 may establish İSGYS

-İSG Risk Assesement Education Organization

- The system structure of İSG being constitued together with the project leader and team.

- The policy of İSG being determined

- The establishment of legal requirements of İSG

-The risk control methods being determined by doing the risk assesements and dangerous job analysis and the application plan being constituted

- The aims of İSG and the management program being constituted

- The duty, authority and responsibility of İSG being determined

- The control procedures of İSG being constituted

- The emergency case procedures and plans being constituted

- The methods of performance measurement and tracing being determined

- The accident, event and impropriety reporting systematic of İSG being determined

- The İSG documentation being prepared and being improved facing the application

- The auditor team to carry out the internal audits being constituted

- The İnternal auditor' education being given

- An entire management cycle being carried out with the revision meeting being made

- The internal audits being carried out, being raported and the corrective and preventive activities being carried out, the internal audit before documentation being done




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