Investment Incentive



The Investment Incentive Document is a document given with the aim of the investments to be supported by the government with means of directing the Investment Incentive Document savings to the investment inorder to remove the  instability  cross domain, to create employment, to provide the international competition power. To get the investment incentive document  does not mean to give credit to the investor by the government.  To give The Investment Incentive Document undersecretariat of treasury  varies according to the region which the investment is made and provided remarkable advantages.  Except for the SME investment Incentive Document and the research and development investment, the technopark and the investments to technoparks, the investments related to the environmental protection, the agricultural industry investments providing the raw materials with the production model with the contract, the investment in the technological areas privileged determined by Science Technology High Commission and Turkey Scientific and Technical Research corporation, the investment related to the regional improvement, the organized industry regions and the investment to be carried to the small organized industry regions consisting of small industry sites(The credit facility with fund resource is present).


The Investment Incentive Document means to give the company in advance. But It consists of the precautions  preventing the big amount cash money to go out from the saves of the investors. That the investors doing investment and the characteristics of the investment of which is proper to The Investment Incentive Regulation  benefit from the governmental support by taking the investment incentive document is the most natural right. The power of the competitiveness shall be increased in the investment to be made as the owner of the Incentive Document  at  both the international and  national markets.

The most optimal presentation of incentive folder in Incentive Subjects, its application, the closing proceedings of the incentive folders after the preparation are conducted by our group together with our team expert on the subject.

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