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Even if to exist and sustain it in the globalized economy are difficult due to the changing regulation and brutal competition, we have been pointing out that how easy it is with CEO GROUP and its understanding and vision. It is uncontroversial that the firms' own capital, labor and labor force need to be fruitful, quality and dynamic within the current economy of the world and on the environment which the economical, finacial and judical structure of our country are related to the deep regulations.


Beside all these, that the instruments of the  internal and external company also are directed with the sound, safe and rational methods is an inevitable obligation. To take a fast decision and  to move for our plans aimed to be constituted in the future and to apply these information fast are very important. The strategical decisions and projects are irreplaceable in this sense. These requirements determine the lifetime on the tree of life of the companies aiming the growth, being favored in the market,  the resolution and for this,keeping  ''the institutionalization'' in the foreground. We underline CEO GROUP to respond to these needs.


The CEO of the profession who is the CEO GROUP improving themselves on the contemporary level  in the fields of the accountancy, the consultation, the Law and the foreign trade, consisting of qualified directors and sub-units has been constituted to show the ability of being fruitful and  strong together  by carrying this synergy into the working life.


         G.Orkun YURTOĞULLARI

Chairman of the Board


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